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Tethered Heart, Untethered Dreams, 2023, 48"x48",

Tethered Heart, Untethered Dreams, 2023, 48"x48",

"Tethered Heart, Untethered Dreams" is a visual symphony that weaves together a narrative of hope, dreams, and the bittersweet reality of letting go. In this evocative piece, a girl releases a bunch of balloons into the air, each balloon representing a dream, aspiration, or longing. The background, painted in a muted hue, hints at a sense of melancholy, symbolizing the complexities of life.

The title itself captures the essence of the painting—the heart, tethered to the ground by the weight of reality and circumstance, yearns for the freedom of untethered dreams. The act of releasing balloons becomes a metaphor for the release of aspirations into the vast expanse ofthe unknown. 

The piece is an exploration of the delicate balance between holding onto one's roots and traditions  while reaching for dreams that may defy societal norms. In "Tethered Heart,Untethered Dreams,"  viewers are invited to contemplate the complexities of pursuingaspirations, the courage required to let go, and the delicate dance between staying groundedand allowing dreams to soar. 

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