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My goal as an artist is to allow people who view my work to look beyond the ‘single story’ and appreciate insignificant things in life which are beautiful in their own right. My aim is to transport you to an emotional and imaginary place, allowing you to look beyond what is on the surface and understand another side of the story. I approach life with the belief that everyone has an untold story and once we appreciate this, deeper connections and relationships will be formed.

Creating my paintings involve taking random photos of everyday scenes or reviewing photos that tap into my memories as a child, and then creating new imaginary scenes around them. These images or memories are painted from a different perspective that was not apparent to begin with and evolves throughout the painting process. In this way, each piece is a unique creation, and each scene tells a story distinct from its original time and place.

A main feature of my work is the human figure, which I bring to life in three-dimension based on an innovative process I created using industrial screws. The 3D effect is the centerpiece of the paintings and is meant to place a spotlight on the central figure which immortalizes them in this new story. I choose colors that evoke raw senses and vivid emotions while creating strong contrasts of light and dark with the varied depths of the screws. In developing this form, I have been inspired by the works of Michael Murphy, Peter Terrin, Marcus Levine and the great Pablo Picasso. My work can be classified as a mix of modern impressionism, pointillism, and perceptual art…however I refer to them as sculptured paintings.


Ever since I became older, I have been obsessed with the concept of fleeting time. I understand that time is constantly moving, our daily interactions with people are only there for the present. They will never be repeated, but they can be told and imagined again. Through my work, I wish to remind the viewer to look beyond the surface, past the single story and be present at all times to really appreciate the beauty of life.

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