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Gavin Jordan of JordanArt

As a corporate executive by day and a creative in his spare time he has the unique privilege of exercising logic and facts, and then getting lost in his imagination and creations. He didn’t pursue art full-time but instead choose to study business and accounting. In 2016, after a 20-year hiatus, Art found him again while he was living in the United States. According to him, he rediscovered himself all over again.


A main feature his work is the human figure. He has developed a fascination for human emotion, movement, and facial expressions. His work is characterized by heavy use of vibrant acrylic colours, the palette knife, and the incorporation of screws to create 3-dimensional works of art, which he calls sculptured paintings.


He believes in channeling his creative urges in order to produce unique works of art. JordanArt was born out of a combination of his raw talent, experience, and the need to explore the various inspirations in his mind.


Art is how he makes sense of the world and his purpose in it​.