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Gavin Jordan

Gavin Jordan, is a Jamaican-born artist, who has embarked on an artistic journey driven by a profound desire to awaken appreciation for the hidden beauty within life's seemingly insignificant moments. Through captivating artworks, he invites viewers to explore deep emotions and boundless imagination, transcending singular narratives.


Though he enjoyed art, particularly making sketches, in high school, Gavin never pursued it seriously due to a lack of professional exposure to the art world and artists. Instead, he followed a conventional and safe path, studying accounting and economics, earning a master's in financial management, and becoming a certified public accountant (CPA). Over the last 20-plus years, he achieved relative success in the corporate world, holding several senior positions. However, he always felt something was missing, and his passion for art was rekindled when he began sketching again after randomly purchasing pencils in 2016 as a way to manage the stresses of the corporate world. 

Today, Gavin is fully immersed in the world of art, finding inspiration in nature's beauty, human emotions, and the intricate details of everyday life. His artwork often centers around the human figure, brought to life in three dimensions using his innovative technique with industrial screws. This approach creates a captivating three-dimensional effect, illuminating the central figure and immortalizing them within a new narrative. Gavin's choice of vivid colors ignites raw sensations and evokes profound emotions, while the interplay of light and dark, achieved through the varying depths of the screws, accentuates the contrasts within the artwork. His unique works of art can be considered a blend of modern impressionism, pointillism, and perceptual art. His style of painting is a true embodiment of both the technical he garnered throughout his corporate life, and the God given creative talent. 


Artist Statement

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"I am transcending the boundaries of reality and delving into the profound intricacies of existence. My creative process is a spiritual journey, leading me to confront my deepest emotions and thoughts.
Through this journey, I hope to uncover the true beauty that resides beneath life's imperfections and offer a sanctuary for contemplation and introspection."

with me.

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